Carryon Airplane Travel Bottle Girl

Successfully Carry-on the Airplane Your:

  • Personal Liquids
  • Personal Gels
  • Personal Cosmetics
  • Without ANY problems!
airplane carry on travel bottles

Make sure you do not get your personal liquid toiletry items confiscated at the airport. Ensure you have no more surprises or hassles when boarding your airplane.

The Travel Security Administration has regulated that ALL liquids and gels be contained in a 3 ounce or smaller plastic bottle or container, when boarding a plane.

TSA wants you to follow the 3-1-1 for Carry-on rules, which means ALL liquids are to be; 3 ounces or less in a clear bottle, consolidate in 1 quart sized, clear zip-top plastic bag, and only 1 bag per passenger will be allowed in the security screening bin.

Remember, each time TSA searches a carry-on, the line is slowed down and people can get impatient and unpleasant trying to reach their flight on time. The 3-1-1 ensures a quicker and easier checkpoint experience.

Consider this, if your hand luggage is lost, what must you have and pack this into your hand suitcase. Avoid having your expensive, important liquids thrown out at the airport screening bin.

A great resource for a complete detailed list of carry on liquids, gel and cosmetic items permitted and prohibited by the TSA, click here.

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